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all cask strength

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Born from passion and love to the uniqueness of single malt whisky, after more than three years of planning, creating, and developing in our minds, on the 1st of December 2018, we have decided to make our next step and start our journey into the world of independent bottlings.

Not forgetting about what whisky is made for, we focus completely on outstanding quality of casks we choose for our bottlings, just to make sure we can offer you a tasty and unique whisky to enjoy and share with your beloved ones.

cask strength.

ALL our bottlings are bottled at cask strength. It's up to you if you want to add water to your dram or not.

natural colour.

single cask.

ALL our bottlings are Single Cask Bottlings. No worries, we are fans of the uniqueness of each whisky, too.

We do not use any treatments to push up the colour of our whiskies. After all, it's about the palate, not the eye.

no chill filtation.

We do not chill-filter our whiskies.

If there's no evidence for it's quality improving, neither is there a reason.


what people say.

A lightly honeyed offering here which, even after 24 years, is not frightened of allowing the barley to let rip. The age has crept up quietly and politely, never seemingly wanting to over-interfere. But there is a particular excellence to the saltiness which livens up the heather-honey especially early on before marzipan and caramel starts to intensify….though gently, of course. The vanillas are treading water towards the end as the malt tires. But charm and elegance are always the guiding lights here. Some whiskies wear their years well. This is one with just a little grey around the temples and never less than dapper. A great malt for long study.

Rating: 92,5/100



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